Coming back to the office after the holiday festivities, we started work on Act 2’s story, which starts in a seedy Diner where you meet Alexa, an intelligence officer at the precinct.

Act 2 of The Torus Syndicate will take on a darker tone; To illustrate that, we worked on creating a rainy night time scene that consists of a few distinct elements:

The outside of the Diner is shown above. As we mentioned before about world building, it is important for the player to understand the relationship of the Diner as it pertains to the rest of the world. We put the diner next to the sidewalk, where we show the player glimpses of the outside space through some windows.

To create a believable rainy scene, we added rain particles that collide with the world geometry, bouncing off various objects and people in a realistic manner. We also added cars and pedestrians to create kinetic motion in order to encourage exploration of the outside through those windows. Finally, we added sounds of rain, and dramatic lightning that floods the diner to tie the inside of the diner to the outside.

The inside of the diner is designed to contrast the dark uninviting tones of outside; Warmer colors, and ample lighting, and talking people contribute to the idea of the diner being a safe space, which is similar to the Police briefing room in Act 1. Putting these two areas together creates a scene that invites exploration.

Hurray! The Torus Syndicate is now on Steam.

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