While Michael has been working on the multiplayer overhaul of Torus Syndicate, I’ve been working on creating new music for the levels. Work on that front has been especially interesting, as we’re experimenting with music that matches the intensity of the gameplay.

We took the idea from another arcade game, Broforce. You can listen to their awesome soundtrack on Spotify:

In many of the levels, the soundtrack contains a low-intensity version, as well as a high-intensity version. This makes sense in the context of the game, as the intrepid “Bros” face larger and more deadly threats the deeper they venture into an area, culminating in a dramatic, old-school boss battle.

In The Torus Syndicate, we’re trying this concept out on the stealth level. Listen to the low-intensity version:

and compare it against the high intensity version:

By keeping the same theme but increasing the intensity of the soundtrack, we are able to indicate to the player that the stakes have been raised non-verbally.

Hurray! The Torus Syndicate is now on Steam.

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