Today marked a first for Codeate: our very first public demo of our in-progress virtual reality game (with an in-progress name), The Torus Syndicate. On Saturday, we showed off the game at a demo event sponsored by the Los Angeles VR and Immersive Technologies Meetup group and held at the very cool Creative Technology Center. In fact, the only thing cooler was the event’s attendees. We had a blast getting to know the entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and students interested in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality in and around Los Angeles. All the works on display had something special to them, and seeing them all in one place only strengthens the confidence I have in the future of VR and its related media.

As for our own project, the reception for The Torus Syndicate was overwhelmingly positive. Every participant really got into it, dodging bullets and ducking behind cover as they dashed and shot across the urban playfield. Leo and I couldn’t be more enthused about incorporating feedback from today to refine the game and flesh out the story and feeling. We invite everyone interested to follow along as we reveal more about what The Torus Syndicate is and what we think makes it so special.

Thanks to the Los Angeles VR and Immersive Technologies Meetup group for organizing the event and the Creative Technology Center for generously letting us use their space!