Happy Torus Tuesday!

We here at Codeate are celebrating our two-month anniversary of the Torus Tuesday Dev Blog. It has been a joy to write about our journey developing for virtual reality as well as share some of our thoughts regarding the interesting interaction problems that generating VR content entails.

We’ve spent the past few weeks talking about the process of developing The Torus Syndicate and the new ideas we intend to introduce through it. For all those pages of texts and brief animations, however, we’ve only given you a few tantalizing glimpses of the actual game. Today will be different, as we’re now presenting our first ever teaser for the game.

The Torus Syndicate is an intense, non-stop arcade rail-shooter built from the ground up for room-scale virtual reality. It follows Lucas Lawson, a rookie cop swept into the dramatic underworld of the Torus Syndicate. Players put their shooting, dodging, and tactical skills to the test as they battle across an urban landscape in a quest for justice.

We’re so excited to be sharing our game with the world in just a few weeks under Steam as an Early Access title. Stay tuned!