Moving past the hustle of our early access release, the team is now focused on creating new content.

Our biggest goal right now is to extend the replayabilty of The Torus Syndicate, by taking the core mechanic of fighting enemies, taking cover, and moving between areas, and applying different parameters around it to create new modes that deliver more of the core experience.

To that effect, we’re building 2 new modes; Survival, where enemies continuously attack in greater and more advanced numbers until the player loses, and Time Trials, where players complete various challenges to get the best time or the highest score.

We’ll be showcasing more of Survival mode in the coming weeks, but right now, we have a sneak peak of the first Time Trial Level:


In this challenge, players will shoot at pop-up targets and compete for the best time.

The new area will come with new achievements and Steam Leaderboard support.

Target positions are randomized each time, requiring quick reflexes over memorization.

This update should be available to play sometime this week. We’re excited to see how quickly our players can complete the course!

Hurray! The Torus Syndicate is now on Steam.

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